Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fine Art of Living ...

An artist's story ....

It crept up on me in the middle of the night and attacked without warning. One moment sleeping peacefully, the next fighting for my life. My invisible assailant wrestled with me for what seemed like forever, but in reality was about two minutes that would change the course of my life. I had experienced a seizure.

I made an appointment with my doctor but the next night my attacker visited me again. It seemed to radiate from my right hand and travel up my arm. It was as if I was actually fighting against it, wildly punching out into the darkness. My doctor sent me for a CT scan and called me into his office where he told me that it appeared that I had experienced a mini stroke. I asked him to call me if the results of the CT scan indicated anything looked suspicious, went home and made some lifestyle changes (nutrition and exercise). This was September 2008.

Fast forward to February 2009. Happily working on some new sculptures here in the studio and considering every day to be a gift. Then it happened ... middle of the night ... fighting the darkness. This time a new element was added. After the attack my right hand was temporarily paralized. It was the most terrifying moments of my life. Huge relief swept over me when about 10 minutes later feeling and motion started to return.

This time an ambulance rushed me in for an MRI scan of my brain. The neurosurgeon walked over and broke the news that there was something (two things) that they had spotted on the results. I am currently waiting for a phone call to let me know when my brain biopsy is to be scheduled. I found out from my doctor a few days ago that the results of the original CT scan taken back in September never left the hospital, weren't even received by him until after this most recent attack. I'll be oh so angry about that later.

Right now I'll be dedicating myself to all things positive and healing. I don't know what's coming but then again I never did, no one does. My right hand is slowing me up, I don't know if it's the after effects or the medication, but I'm grateful for what I have. There are alot of projects, sculptures, paintings around here to get working on.

I've never had a blog before, didn't know how or what to write about. But I thought that this experience would help me get through this. I just love to create my work, I've always been an artist. It's all I've ever wanted.